Learn More About Personal Chef Services

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How do Le Petit Chef Personal Chef Services work?
Chef Denisse will come to your home and prepare custom designed meals in your kitchen. She will package, label, and store each meal in your refrigerator and freezer and leave you with a detailed menu and reheating instructions. You will be left with a spotless kitchen full of delicious aromas.
It is best to begin with an initial consultation to determine your household's needs and to customize your menu and cook date.

What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?
A private chef is a chef that cooks for only one family and often resides in the family's home. This is usually a very expensive service.
A personal chef is a chef that serves several clients, usually one per day. A personal chef prepares multiple meals at once that are packaged and stored to be enjoyed at the client's convenience. A personal chef service is a much more affordable option. 

Who can benefit from professional chef services?
Virtually everyone! Busy couples, professionals, families, new or expecting parents, individuals with specific dietary needs or restrictions- anyone wishing to eat better and save time!

Can my household really afford a personal chef service?
Absolutely! Le Petit  Chef Personal Chef Services are reasonably priced, and the real savings are in time and convenience. Chef Denisse not only takes care of the cooking, but does the grocery shopping, menu planning and cleaning. With Le Petit Chef Personal Chef Services, you will find that you have more free time, are saving on gas and trips to the grocery store, as well as enjoying the fresh, healthy food that is designed exclusively for your tastes and dietary needs. 

Do I need to be home for a cook date?
The choice is yours. Many clients prefer to schedule cook dates when they are at work. If you choose to be home, we request that you allow the chef to perform her professional service without interruption. Arrangements can be made to allow time to answer questions or visit before or after the scheduled cook date. 

How long can meals be stored?
We recommend storing meals in the refrigerator for no longer than 5 days, and in the freezer for no longer than 90 days. Meals will taste freshest after no more than 30 days in the freezer. 

How do I prepare for a cook date?
Clear some space in your refrigerator and freezer for your meals to be stored. 
Provide some counter space for Chef Denisse to use as her work space.
If you have already purchased reusable containers* from Chef Denisse, make sure they are clean and ready to use again. 

*Regular clients are encouraged to purchase reusable, glass storage containers at cost from Chef Denisse in order to reduce waste.

My kitchen is very small. Will that be a problem?
Chef Denisse is experienced and efficient and can work in a wide variety of spaces. As long as there is an oven and a stovetop, some free counter space, and the kitchen is clean and ready to be used, there should not be any problems. 

Do I need to provide any kitchen equipment?
No. Chef Denisse will bring everything she needs to prepare your meals. She will use your oven and stovetop, and you will need a working refrigerator and freezer to store your meals. 

How do I pay for services?
A deposit is due in advance (usually after the menu consultation) and subsequent payments are due at the end of cook dates. Le Petit Chef accepts cash, checks, and debit/credit cards.